Aureate Daylight and Orange Wallflowers Fukuro Corset

£1,750.00 GBP

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This Corset is a unique piece made from a Japanese Obi coming from Kyoto from the Showa Era. An Obi is a sash or a belt used to hold in place a kimono, a Japanese traditional dress. This particular one is a vintage Maru Obi, the silk is carefully woven on both sides and folded in half.  The fold line of the former Obi is still visible on the Corset. The motif of this Obi consists of two large arabesques grown around two different flowers, one bright orange and the other one with a softer tone of orange, repeated for all the length of the belt.

In the Corset, the Obi is reconstructed based on the idea of the nature’s symmetry.
The brighter flower at the front and the softer one at the back symbolise the gradual change of the daylight into dark. The wallflower can be identified as the Sun and the bright gold arabesques around it as its rays. The result is an aureate orange. In Japanese and Chinese cultures, orange signifies courage, happiness,
love and good health.

One of a kind piece
• Fits size 8
• Adjustable internal belt
• Dry clean only



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