Annie's x Jade Jagger

Es Vedrà Carved Stone Charm

£320.00 GBP

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Exclusive First Collection by Annie's X Jade Jagger. 
To reflect their joint connection to Ibiza, the collection draws on the fondness both designers share for the sea, especially the vital conservation of the coral reefs and protecting the creatures within it. The collection encapsulates the mystical stories and magic of Ibiza, a place close to their hearts.

Es Vedra is said to be the third most magnetic point on earth and has long been referred to as the source of Ibiza’s inexplicable energy.   It rises majestically from the sea, almost transmitting a feeling of peace and serenity. Almost more even famously known for having the most breathtaking sunsets on the island.

  • Hand-drawn image of Es Vedrà
  • Carved into Black Onyx stone
  • Gold Vermeil Charm with a clip bale fasten 
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