Golden Heron and Magic Hour Maru Corset

£1,750.00 GBP

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This Corset is a unique piece made from a Japanese Obi coming from Hokkaido from the Showa Era. An Obi is a sash or a belt used to hold in place a kimono, a Japanese traditional dress. This particular one is a Vintage Maru Obi, the silk is carefully woven on both sides and folded in half. The fold line of the former Obi is still visible on the corset.

The pattern is highly decorated, representing herons flying over a garden during the Magic hour. The Magic hour is that time of the day when the Sun is near the horizon, and it emits a hazy light that drapes the landscapes and animals in a soft golden light. In Japan, the Heron is considered a holy creature, symbolising Dood Fortune and Longevity. The evergreen Pine is universally known as the symbol of life. During the long and icy winter season in Hokkaido, the evergreen does not lose its leaves nor its lush dark green colour. The pine tree represents steadfastness. The Cherry blossoms symbolise new beginnings, renewal and beauty. The colourful Peonies represent prosperity,  good luck and honour.

One of a kind piece
• Fits size 8
• Adjustable internal belt
• Dry clean only



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