Love Magazine: 2020 Shopping Blues? Meet Annie, The Woman Changing The Way You Shop

Posted 13 November 2020 

No holidays in 2020? No problem. Annie’s Ibiza has come to London.

It’s the shop you’ve probably seen plastered across your socials, the one your favourite follows on Instagram head to when they’re on holiday that sell the dresses you try and online shop for but can never find.

Meet Annie of Annie's Ibiza, the cult shop and entrepreneur changing the way you shop from clinical e-comm sites to IRL indulgent and exciting shopping, remember that?

Launched in 2018, Annie’s second-to-none taste for high-end vintage (think mouth-watering Dior and Chanel) to repurposed dresses made from cute table clothes, has seen the likes of Kate Moss, Paris Hilton and Rita Ora flock to her shop in Ibiza’s old town. With a cult following akin to that of Biba in the 1960’s when Annie opened her London store on Carnaby Street just before Lockdown 2.0 a harem of fans descended from all over the UK to meet Annie herself. And LOVE was one of the many to enter the sumptuous world of Annie."

To Read More of Annie's Interview with Love Magazine- Click Here


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