Opuline’s handmade pieces radiate the beauty of the East and its rich yet rustic heritage. Their creations blend together cool contemporary Eastern jewellery with intricate attention to detail. Opuline is not fast fashion, instead they strive to promote a more sustainable living that is deeper than the beautiful and the aesthetic. Their talented artisans aim to make pieces with a timeless elegance promoting positivity, love and Women Empowerment which is vital to their ethos.  

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Opuline Halo Earrings
Opuline Disco Disc Earrings
Opuline Sasha Earrings
Opuline Marihah Necklace
Opuline Noir Earrings
Opuline Neli Gold Earrings
Opuline Serena Earrings
Opuline Serena Choker
Opuline Cleopatra Labrodite earring
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