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Welcome to Annie's Ibiza

Annie’s Ibiza sells a mix of eclectic and rare, one-of-a-kind pieces. Each and every piece is handpicked by Annie herself and is a reflection of her own wardrobe, with a majority of the pieces being exclusively available to Annie’s Ibiza.

At just 25, Doble helmed her own eponymous store from a small studio tucked away in the hustle and bustle of Ibiza’s Old Town, which she launched in 2018. Famed for her incredible die-hard designer and vintage collections, from repurposed dresses made from 1950s table clothes to vintage Dior and Channel jewellery from the 1970s; each season Annie travels the world to personally source the most exceptional finds for her boutique, as well as consistently looking for new and emerging talent. 


The story behind Annie's Ibiza 

Annie’s collections evoke her knack for collaboration and flamboyancy: offering her clients a timeless and joyful take on style. Annie is also passionate about working with smaller, up-coming brands and tries to ensure the brands she houses have a low carbon footprint, with many of the brands she stocks being handmade.

Born and raised in England, Annie’s love for fashion began at the tender age of 14. From buying and selling clothes on eBay to having her own vintage stall at Spitalfields Market at just 17, Annie soon after began working at London and New York Fashion Weeks, before landing herself a job in the buying department of Calvin Klein in New York City. Upon returning to London she continued to pursue her passion for buying and selling clothes as well as working in PR and Sales until she discovered Ibiza in her early 20s. Falling in love with the beautiful island and soon making her own connections, Annie acquired a small store in the heart of Ibiza’s port where she began to sell her clothes. Starting with just £200 to put the store together, Annie was on a mission to make her dream of owning a boutique a reality. Annie was later offered a bigger store in which Annie's Ibiza was officially born from. Annie has since built her brand independently to become Ibiza’s best-kept fashion secret. Alongside her styling work, Annie is extremely passionate about the environment and reducing her carbon footprint acting as an ambassador for Project Zero, where she heads up projects to actively save coral reefs and fashion initiative projects.


Sustainability was always an important aspect for Annie, even now as ambassador for Project Zero the UKs leading ocean charity and for love to langa in South Africa.

Her main aim is always to make sure her brands have the smallest carbon footprint, most of all the clothes sold are hand made in the UK and the fabrics are ethically sourced. Supporting young brands and their visions along the way.


Company Name: Annie's Ibiza Ltd
Our Company number is: 12809675
Address : Annie Doble, Whitesides, Tilegate Road, Ongar, London, CM5 0ED, United Kingdom
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