Annie's Collection

Annie’s Collection - First collection by Annie Doble.  

Following many years of collaborations, Annie’s Collection is finally here. She will be exhibiting a few looks from her debut collection set to show in February 2023.
At Annie’s there is a conscience of over-production and resistance to fast fashion, therefore it was important for this collection to be limited with exclusive runs and the aim to not over-producing and minimise waste. The garments are handmade from deadstock and sustainable fabrics with recycled beads. Annie has incorporated ancient craft techniques of  Ottoman Empire stitching, Victorian shapes and using 1950’s stage costumes in mind.

There are new exciting shapes throughout the collection and the garments are bringing back elements of vintage fashion that no longer exist, with a fresh energy and Annie’s Ibiza charm. The collection is made up of timeless pieces intended to be worn for years and passed down generations as we do with vintage clothing. 

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