Annie's Collection

Annie’s Collection 
 Annie debuted her first collection Autumn Winter 2023 show at London Fashion Week.  The debut 30 piece collection was made up of vintage silhouettes and historic techniques with a youthful, vibrant energy, this is a timeless collection that honours the celebratory spirit of Ibiza.
The Ethereal Collection draws inspiration from Annie's deep-rooted love for nature. Immerse yourself in a world of intricate beadwork resembling delicate spiderwebs, cotton ruffled Victorian-style shirts adorned with meticulous detailing, as well as hand-embroidered bumble bees on deadstock silk/satin. Each design is a homage to the elegance and splendour of the natural world.
There are new exciting shapes throughout each collection with each garment bringing back elements of vintage fashion that no longer exist, with a fresh energy and Annie’s Ibiza charm. Every collection is made up of timeless pieces intended to be worn for years and passed down generations as we do with vintage clothing. 


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