Silvia Astore

Silvia Astore is an Italian designer and entrepreneur living between London and Ibiza. Her aim is to create a wardrobe for a young and eclectic woman, a free spirit who loves travelling, an inspiration-seeker who wants to look confident, sophisticated and glamorous.

A passion for the Asian territories is a fuel for Silvia’s inspiration: this can be found reflected in some prints, intricate details and kimono-style dresses within her collections. Silvia’s stylistic imprint is defined by luscious evening dress with cutting edge patterns, sophisticated embroideries, captivating fabrics, contrasting colours and feminine silhouettes designed for a contemporary and glamorous woman. The creations have been inspired by the idea of making every woman feel sensual and confident, with a sparkling and extravagant allure that is irresistible.

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Silvia Astore Liza Dress
Silvia Astore Suki dress
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