Annie's x Jade Jagger

Cactus Flower & Mermaid Black Enamel Bracelet

£550.00 GBP

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Exclusive First Collection by Annie's X Jade Jagger. 
To reflect their joint connection to Ibiza, the collection draws on the fondness both designers share for the sea, especially the vital conservation of the coral reefs and protecting the creatures within it. The collection encapsulates the mystical stories and magic of Ibiza, a place close to their hearts.

The Mermaid is the talisman of Annie’s Ibiza. Mermaids are meant to symbolise divine feminine energy.  At the entrance to the shop you will find golden mermaid door handles. The mermaid is a symbol especially close to Annie’s heart.

  • Gold Vermeil
  • Black Enamel
  • Motifs of the Signature Mermaid and the Cactus Flower in Gold Vermeil
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