Annie's x Jade Jagger

Podenco Dog Charm, Gold Vermeil

£130.00 GBP

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Exclusive First Collection by Annie's X Jade Jagger. 
To reflect their joint connection to Ibiza, the collection draws on the fondness both designers share for the sea, especially the vital conservation of the coral reefs and protecting the creatures within it. The collection encapsulates the mystical stories and magic of Ibiza, a place close to their hearts.

Podencos are a beloved native breed of dog from Ibiza. The Podenco’s roots can be traced to Ancient Egyptian times when they believed the dog to transmit the same forces as their god Anubis. They were brought over to Ibiza from Egypt by the Phoenicians. Today you can still find these elegant, long-eared dogs roaming free around the island.

  • Embossed Podenco Dog Charm with clip bale fasten
  • Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver
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