The London-based designer label WESTERNAFFAIR furnishes both the elite and the fashion industry with luxury, reformulating shoe-making and millinery by fusing fashion, art and sustainability. Founded by Olivia Pudelko, all pieces are fragrant with uniqueness, made by hand from her London abode. WESTERNAFFAIR uses deadstock bridal heals from the early 2000s and sheepskins sourced from the Polish-Slovakian mountains. The niche textiles that define WESTERNAFFAIR's indulgent glow were discovered being sold out of a hut whilst Olivia was climbing one of these mountains. To source the WESTERNAFFAIR fabrics, a pilgrimage is necessary, travelling for two days to acquire the sheep fur from people who have been sheepherders for generations.
WESTERNAFFAIR cherishes utilising what's available and resisting adding to our already chaotic world. WESTERNAFFAIR unveils pearls and cultivates preciosity.

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